Yo youths!  How many of you would like to play a musical instrument?  Play in a band like ‘ Good Charlotte'?


Well, may I present to you the Zero to Hero Programme (Z2H)! This programme will take you and your friends from a musical "zero" to a "hero" all in the short span of three months. The best thing is…you will get to compete in a competition (in front of family and friends) at the end of the programme! Is that exciting or what?!?!

Have a look through this web page and contact us if you would like to find out more about the programme or even join the next programme coming up!



Posted On: Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009

> Early registration for Season 7. The Z2H management would be putting up details of early registration for Season 7 on this web site. Please check it regularly for details. Do note that this programme has gained popularity over the years and hit a record of 19 bands fighting for 8 vacancies last Season.

In the meantime, you are encouraged to:

  1. Form a band of 5 to 6 friends.
  2. Choose an instrument (I.e. drums, bass, keyboard, electric guitar and vocal) that you are interested to learn.
  3. Think of a band name and description.

Posted On: Saturday, 05 Sep 2009

> Champions of Season 6. The Z2H management would like to congratulate Avantgarde for being the Champions for this Season. To ALL bands, you are WINNERS too for coming thus far from being a zero to a HERO in your individual instruments.

Accepted bands for Season 7 would be posted here. Please watch this space.

Zero to Hero (Z2H) is a community programme by Vertical Care Services (VCS) towards the enrichment of youths in the area of music. 

Many youths today have great interest in music, but they may not have the finances or resources to help them grow and discover their talents in this area.  Hence, Z2H, as the name describes, was chosen to transform youths from not knowing much about music, nor being able to play much of a musical instrument, into a youth band performing to their family and friends.

Z2H goes beyond the learning of music to the ability to play as a band.  This requires teamwork, camaraderie, and a whole host of other life skills to be learnt.

For more information about Z2H, click here.

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Season 6 Bands (24 May 09 - 05 Sept 09)

  1. Less Than 3
  2. Chasing Shadows
  3. See You Sundae
  4. Strictly 21
  5. Estique
  6. Beyond Saving
  7. Six Man Stand
  8. Avantgarde (Season Champions)

Season 5 Bands (16 Nov 08 - 22 Mar 09)

  1. Walking On Water (Season Champions - Grp 1)
  2. Sound.Music.Song
  3. Aviation Attempt
  4. The Art Of Noise
  5. Vinzard
  6. Raison D'etre
  7. Dancing For Cake (Season Champions - Grp 2)
  8. Esca-Latte
  9. No Chocolates For Me
  10. JR HANY
  11. TAQIC
  12. Scene Maker

Season 4 Bands (18 May 08 - 31 Aug 08)

  1. B.I.O.M. (Season Champions)
  2. HXC
  3. Intoxicated
  4. Light Castle
  5. Missing Tool
  6. OFF
  7. Synchronize
  8. The Slackers
  9. Dedayo (SuperHeroes!)

Season 3 Bands (25 Nov 07 - 15 Mar 08)

  1. Genocide
  2. Friendly Fire (Season Champions)
  3. Looney Tunes
  4. Mozzies Beware
  5. Stereotypes
  6. What!?
  7. Underage 2
  8. Ying Huo Ye

Season 2 Bands (27 May 07 – 01 Sep 07)

  1. Deadayo (Season Champions)
  2. Drop D
  3. I Forgot
  4. Rubberband
  5. The Midas Touch

Season 1 Bands (26 Nov 06 – 18 Mar 07)

  1. Backwater
  2. Deadline
  3. New Comers On Show (NCOS)
  4. Underage (Season Champions)
  5. The Black Palace


If you are interested to find out more about Z2H, you can contact the Programme Director, Mr. David Yap.


Early registration details for Season 7 would be posted here. Please watch this space.

“We started out in December '06, without knowing much about jamming. It was quite tough for us, have to go back to the office on a particular night for lessons, which is right after my CCA, for me. Conflicts are always around, but somehow we overcome this obstacle and move on. We've always want to complete the 2 songs early, but due to the 2 dumb guitarists, we dragged till last week of the competition date then started out practising. Think back, the 2 guitarists indeed had a major problem with the guitar. Finally, on March 10, we did it and were proud of our results, being the champion of Zero2Hero… We then went to JE entertainment to take neos and ate Macs, followed by home sweet home. After that day, I fell deep in love with every members. They just make me feel so touched, and I can't live without them. Seriously, I want to thank the organisers, other band members, audiences and those instructors. Without any of them, we won't be where we are today and the finals won't be a success.” – Shu Jun (Guitarist)

Shu Jun’s blog page entry on 12 March 2007.

“Zero2Hero competition was GREAT!! Although my band got 3rd but nvm we tried our best and we had FUN! =D I made a lot a lot of mistakes… my fingers couldn't move because I was too scared… I can see my fingers shaking... although I made a lot of mistakes got 2 judges still complimented me hehe… *shy* After many years, my dream of performing in a rock band came through on 10th March 2007!! =D Half way playing the song I suddenly thought to myself "why should I be so scared? I'm realizing my dream!!" Haha… after that I just played and enjoyed myself and didn't think much abt being scared. Sigh... I wonder if I'll ever get to play a bass guitar again or even perform in a rock band again… Sigh… Hope one day I'll form my own band ^_^ I wana thank Calvin for teaching me bass! =D” – Yasmin (Bassist)

Yasmin’s blog page entry on 11 March 2007.

“December, none of us know each other well. Just form a band out of nowhere and took part in Z2H. Reach the office, everyone was unsure of what to do. Instructors and organizer introduce, playing ice breaking. Christmas & New Year party was organized. As well as gathering was organized. Lessons started, everyone got to know each other well. January, jamming lessons started. All of us was high. SUPER HIGH. Conflicts for choosing songs. Lessons go on as usual. The bonding between each other was getting stronger… The big day. Our playground. We play and enjoy a lot. We made the 'over 18' joke hence, it impressed the judge. Underage, the forever under 18 kids that people will recognise us as. We never mind about cheering for other bands. We never care about winning or losing. We just enjoy. My greatest thanks to the instructors, Cindy, Winnie, Uncle James, Uncle Des, Uncle Clarence, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Gerald, Ms Chai, and Uncle Calvin, Amos. Thanks for leaving some free time for us and instructing us. We made it right exactly from Zero to Hero. None are experienced. Especially Winnie, thanks for organizing such event to show and prove that we have talent for music. Really thanks a lot (:” – Magdaline (Vocalist)

Magdaline’s blog page entry on 12 March 2007

“Tomorrow is the Zero2Hero competition. Hoping i can get well ASAP. There's no way I will miss the competition. Jiayoos to all band. Backwater jiayoos! =D Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. As long as we know we've done our best, and all these is not just bout winning, but making friends, working together as a band, playing as a band. As long as we've learnt something, those happy times. It's just enough for me =D I wan to join Zero 2 Hero II ! =D” – Gujuan (Drummer)

Gujuan’s blog page entry on 9 March 2007

Photos on facebook. =)